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Supplements and Enhancement Drugs: Athletes Torment Themselves with Potential Risks

A.K. Mohiuddin
Assistant Professor Department of Pharmacy, World University of Bangladesh 151/8, Green Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka – 1205, Bangladesh


An individual's dietary and supplement strategies can influence markedly their physical performance. Issues related to knowledge of nutrition and dietary supplementation (DS) are understudied in professional athletes. Supplements nowadays are used with the aim of improve body composition, of which the origins are multiplex in structure. Many approaches to improve the response to resistance training are the use of pre-/post-/in between workout nutritional interventions; with beverages garnering significant interest. The health benefits and risks of dietary supplement use are controversial as there is no visible immediate benefits observed. Sports nutrition recommendations for endurance exercise however remains a complex issue with often opposing views and advice by various health care professionals. Many athletes, at all levels of competition, place great emphasis on the use of dietary supplements, but of all the factors that determine athletic performance, supplements can play only a very small role. Compared with factors such as talent, training, tactics, and motivation, nutrition has a small effect on performance, and supplements can be no more than a minor part of the athlete’s nutrition strategy.


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Mohiuddin, A. (2019). Supplements and Enhancement Drugs: Athletes Torment Themselves with Potential Risks. Journal of Medical Research and Health Sciences, 2(8), 682-687.
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