Background: Rape remains a controversial issue with a few victims reporting the experience because of societal perception, prolonged steps in pursuing a case to its logical conclusion of securing conviction, as well as psychological and physical residuals of the experience. Rape occurs globally. It has far reaching physical, psychological, social and emotional effects on the victims which is longstanding, especially in cases of custodian rape as seen in our patient.

CASE REPORT: We present a 13 years old secondary school student who presented with severe anemia due to coital laceration, after being raped by a military officer in the warring zones of Effium area of Ebonyi State, Southeastern part of Nigeria. She presented with 3 days history of vaginal bleeding following forceful sexual intercourse by a military officer who was posted to safeguard lives and properties in Effium area of Ebonyi State. At presentation, she was pale, pelvic review showed a 5cm long and 3cm deep actively bleeding laceration on the 9 ‘o’ clock position of the posterior fornix, extending to the lateral wall of the vaginal. The laceration was repaired in layers in the theatre with vicryl 1 suture and she was transfused with four pints of blood. She was given antibiotics, analgesics and prophylaxis against sexually transmissible infections including human immunodeficiency virus and hepatitis. Patient also had proper psychological supports and counseling in the course of her treatment. The officer involved was said to have absconded from his duty post.

CONCLUSION: Custodian rape is prevalent among the vulnerable groups in Nigeria and can lead to life threatening coital laceration. It often leaves the victims helpless, predisposing them to post-traumatic stress disorder, sexually transmitted infections and has far reaching consequences on the future gynecological and obstetrics indices, and of course, can lead to traumatization and frustration of the caregivers. Government needs to do everything possible to reduce the state of insecurity in the country, so as to resettle people back to their natural habitat to curb this menace. 

Keywords: Custodian, rape, sexual assault, minor, coital laceration, anemia.


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