In the ongoing Pandemic, it is important to know that sick cellular culture can influence healthy cellular culture from a distance and make the healthy culture sick. This article explains how this is done. Everything material is a material body and nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF) that comes from the way the material world is created - it is explained in another article of mine. If so, when we have two cultures at some distance from one another, we have two NEMFs interacting from a distance with one another. Since the fields are nonlinear, one of them can entrain the other to operate at the same frequencies. The NEMF1 of a sick culture with frequencies modified by a virus entrains the NEMF2 of a healthy culture and as a result the healthy culture becomes sick. However, all living beings (humans, animals, and plants) have a second NEMF - the NEMF of the Spirit seen as aura (NEMFS), which is magnetically attached to the NEMF of the material body. (Thus, all living beings are a material body with its NEMF and magnetically attached to it NEMFS of the emotional Spirit, which makes all living beings emotional). The distant action explains the fact that the medical doctors live only 58.5 years, while the rest of the population lives 75 years. It is because the doctors’ (NEMF + NEMFS)s are entrained (influenced negatively) by the (NEMF + NEMFS)s of their sick patients.

Keywords: distant interactions; distant interactions of cellular cultures; distant infection of cellular cultures; explaining distant interaction; distant interaction doctor-patient.


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