Our abilities to response very fast, to juggle very fast, etc. are beyond the ability of our body’s nervous system to react fast. They remain unexplained and demand revision of our concept that we are only a material body. Maybe the fast response is done through the waves of the electromagnetic field (EMF), which some people see as aura. This EMF (aura) can be seen and photographed in high frequency electric field, which multiply the photons, making them visible to everybody and possible to photograph. I measured for almost 40 years this weak EMF and found it to be nonlinear (NEMF). Is our NEMF (seen as aura) living in symbiosis with our material body? Symbiosis is coexistence of two entities, in which each benefits from the presence of the other. Thus, symbiosis would allow the material body to benefit from the fast running waves of the NEMF, allowing fast reactions. If the life of our material body depended only on the slow response of our nervous system, we would be dead long time ago. 1/ The waves of our NEMF by allowing fast response tremendously increase our chances for survival. 2/ The waves of our NEMF allow almost unlimited ability to adapt – the waves scan the environment and send signal to the material body to change to adapt the new environment. 3/ With the waves of our NEMF operate a powerful Super-Computer in the Subconscious, of which we are not consciously aware. If a hypnotized individual (with sleeping Conscious, which allows to reach the Subconscious) can calculate 10,000 times faster, we must have in the Subconscious a very powerful computer. Since it works with waves it is a Quantum Computer. It is also the source of our full and partial intuitive creativity and our telepathic abilities.

Keywords: symbiosis; symbiosis material body – NEMF (aura); fast response through NEMF; fast adaptation through NEMF; Quantum Computer in the Subconscious; Quantum Computer operating with NEMF-waves; Quantum Computer and telepathy; Quantum Computer and intuitive creativity.


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