The article explains the miracle of bone and cartledge regrowth when stimulated with very weak electric field. I spent 40 years of my life first photographing and then developing very sensitive equipment, which allowed me to measure the weak field of the aura. I found that this weak field rules and regulates everything in the body not with its strength but with the information it carries. Thus, I found the aura to be weak informational nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF). I also found that this field is emotionally sensitive. Since we say we are in high Spirit when experiencing positive emotions, which make our aura brighter, and we say we are in low Spirit when we experience negative emotions, which make our aura dimmer, I decided that our aura must be our emotional Spirit. Then I found that the ancient Jewish Cabala was teaching to the high priests that our aura is our Spirit. The NEMF of the Spirit self-regulates and self-organizes the body. Thus, the miracle of self-regrowth and self-healing cannot be explained unless we embrace the fact that we are symbiosis of a material body and Spirit NEMF, and the Spirit is the one that makes our body emotional, self-organized, and self-healing. Our incredible ability to adapt and adapting to evolve to new better-organized and best-adapted species comes from the Spirit.

Keywords: electric stimulation of bone regrowth; electric stimulation of cartledge regrowth; aura field; bioenergy field; self-regulation; self-organization


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